Printing of Your Online Avatar Figurine

How to Get 3D Avatar Printing?

Thanks to technology and innovation, creating a 3D avatar figurine is now possible and the process is so easy. All you need is a computer that’s connected to the Internet and a digital image of the 3D avatar that you want to duplicate. You can even come up with a whole group of avatars and this will be done by making each character separately until you can eventually come up with a complete family of avatars. There are a few sites these days that offer 3D avatar printing, just do a search on your favorite search engine and you’ll certainly encounter one of them.

printed online avatarJoin the Site

First of all, you will need to join the site by signing up for an account on that particular website you have chosen for your 3D avatar figurine printing. This is to ensure that you will be able to save a copy of the customized avatars you have created. If you want to come up with an animated avatar, then look for a website that offers this.

Choose your Preferences

The next step would require you to choose the details or the preferences of your 3D avatar. You will be asked to select the sex, hair color, eye color, outfit, and several other details before you can start with the 3D avatar printing. If you are making an avatar based on a certain person or perhaps an avatar that resembles your face, then you will need to upload a picture to the site.

Copy on Clipboard

After you have chosen the preferences, you need to click on “Publish” or “Save” to ensure that your avatar will be kept in your account online. After that, hit the “print screen” key on your computer in order to duplicate the image in the clipboard. Next, open the Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Publisher or Paint in order to paste the image of the 3D avatar figurine you have created. Crop the image in a square surrounding the avatar.

Look for Sites that Creates Avatar Figurine

Since your goal is to have a figurine created out of the 3D avatar you have made, your next step is to look for websites that creates avatar figurines. There are a lot of them now, but it is best to compare prices and read reviews before you choose which of them to use. As soon as you have found the site for your 3D avatar figurine to be created, simply look for instructions on how you can order an actual avatar figurine based on the 3D image you have created. Some sites will ask you to customize or personalize your own 3D avatars on their website and there are others who would be willing to create a figurine based on the avatar you have created.

Take note that it could take time before companies could create a figurine out of the 3D avatar image that you want replicated. So if you are giving this figurine as a gift, you better ask the company that offers 3D avatar printing on when they could finish creating the figurine for you.


How to Get 3D Avatar Printing of Your Online Avatars Figurine

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