Spore Avatar Printing Creates a Figurine of your Favorite Avatar

Spore Avatar Printing Creates a Figurine of your Favorite Avatar

Spore Avatar Printing is a 3D printing capability website that allows users to come up and print a multi-color 3D version images. The good news is that those who are fond of action figures can now make use of the website to create their own online avatar and request for such avatar to be created to an actual figurine. Players can have the creatures they created to be printed in 3D and the company will then create a figurine out of it. The price of a Spore Avatar figurine ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the character that you have requested to be created.

spore avatar printedAre the Figurines of High Quality?

A lot of people are having doubts on the capability of the Spore Avatar Printing technology, thus, they are wondering if companies behind this could really come up with a similar figure with what they have created on the website. Well, first of all, the figurines are actually created by ZCorp technology, and in case you didn’t know, ZCorp is considered the number one when it comes to creating colored parts. The print quality is guaranteed to be superb and is way better than the usual injection molding which toy manufacturers would make use of when it comes to creating dolls and figurines. With this, you are assured that the Spore Avatar figurine that you have ordered will turn out to be of excellent quality.

How Does the Process Work?

The process of ordering your own customized figurine is just so easy. It’s in fact, similar to shopping for a doll or a figurine online, but the difference is that you will be the one to customize and come up with your own version of the doll or the figurine. The great thing of all is that the Spore Avatar figurine is unique since you are the one who created it and you will most likely not find the same figurine on other people’s house. Just like with shopping for some online products, there are some minor problems that you might encounter with. First of all, there is not a guarantee on the actual time that the company would be able to build and deliver the figurine to you. Secondly, there are instances when the character you have created through the Spore Avatar Printing technology is not buildable. But other than these two, everything should be a breeze.

What Are the Characters that you can create?

There are absolutely a lot of choices that will be available for you if you decide to make use of the Spore Avatar Printing technology. From games character, dolls, movie characters, cartoons and almost every avatar that you can think of. The great thing is that you will only need to shell out about $550 for each figurine, so if you want, you can order as much as you can and give them as gifts to some of your friends. If you are unsure as to what character you want, you can try to create your own character for now and then save it to be printed at a later time.

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